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Love Doesn't Grow On Trees

hi. my name is stephanie and im 15 years old.
theres nothing much to me. i have brown hair, brown eyes i love to shop, i have very low self-esteem, i just recently broke up with the sweetest guy you will ever meet. in a way i still love him and i always will but i guess when that sort of thing happens, you just gotta move on. i have the 3 greatest best friends in the world. I can be a little bit of a perv but its usually a funny/sick kinda joke that i make. I find myself very funny and i love to make other people laugh. I can usually make a sad situation or a boring situation fun and happy. I love compliments although, i dont take them very well. Oh yea, and i think Tom Delonge is the sexiest guy alive and im obsessed with him. & with the backstreet boys (what what?!)(=

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Thunderstorms are fantastic love.

Tom is Sexy Smexy Love.
by _f_r_e_a_k_

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